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What you practice grows stronger.  All of us have the capacity to change.  Science proves it.  No matter what your past, no matter what your current circumstances, it is never too late to rewire your brain for greater calm, clarity, and joy. 

-Dr. Shauna Shapiro

Secure and Convenient Online Therapy Meets Neuroscience for Change You Can Feel

Find effective relief from anxiety, depression, relationship problems, attention/concentration/procrastination, healing from trauma, and other mental-emotional struggles. Clients remark that it’s the first time they can feel the changes in their brain.

Secure and Private Online Therapy Sessions

All sessions are done conveniently online through a HIPAA compliant video session with your chosen therapist from the comfort of your home.

A Network of Neuroscience Therapists to Choose From

Simply choose the experienced, licensed therapist you wish to work with. Or contact us and we’ll match you with one to fit your needs.

Change, Heal, and Grow Your Brain

Neuroscience-based approaches help you to actively change and rewire your brain without having to dig into the past, for change you can feel.

A Different Approach to Traditional Talk Therapy that Rewires Your Brain

While your therapist may include elements of talk therapy, our neuroscience-based approaches directly address how the brain works and how it can heal and change.

Focusing on the Present instead of the Past

Present moment approaches allow your therapist to help you focus on what you’re feeling in the moment instead of needing to dig into the past. And then change your brain’s response for lasting change.

Leveraging Your Brain’s Ability to Create New “Neural Pathways”

Neuroplasticity shows us that our brain has the capacity to rewire itself and change no matter our age. We leverage that ability in order to change how your brain reacts to cause mental suffering, while also increasing your capacity for well-being, joy, focus, and connection.

Assess and Rebalance Your Brain’s Functions for Optimal Brain Health

We can now recognize the functions and systems of your brain, and assess how to correct imbalances that are keeping you stuck. By optimizing the balance and function of your brain, you can find relief, feel positive change, and better function in life.

Balancing Our Brain’s Natural “Negativity Bias” to Bring More Meaning and Happiness

Science shows we have an innate tilt toward noticing the negative, which increases things like anxiety and depression. With some help, we can train our brains to more easily focus on the good and expand these experiences for greater meaning and happiness.

NeuroConnect Online Therapy Provides You with a Safe Space to Make Meaningful Change You Can Feel

Private, convenient, and secure, you work with a therapist who will give you the focus and attention you need to feel safe, feel heard, and to make meaningful change. From the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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Relieve Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Trauma, and Other Struggles

Get the help you need to find relief from distressing thoughts and feelings, or the inability to focus, by rewiring how your brain works and healing your brain.

Grow Flexibility and Meaningful Connection in Your Life

Help resolve relationship issues, develop more meaningful connections with others, and create greater long-term stability and resiliency.

Foster Greater Sense of Safety, Hope, Focus, and Happiness

With finding relief, you can also focus on generating more positive growth in your life and in your mental state through neuroscience-based approaches.

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