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About NeuroConnect

Where Online Therapy Meets Neuroscience

Who We Are

We are a team of licensed psychotherapists that have specific post graduate training in neuroscience-based approaches. We see clients living in Washington state and plan to expand to other states in the near future. 

Want more? see Our Mission.

What We Do

We provide psychotherapy to help you change, heal, and grow your brain.  Our method strengthens your self awareness, using the power of neuroplasticity. NeuroConnect uses an attachment-based approach, sustaining many of the traditions of psychotherapy while adding the convenience and comfort of video connection. We help clients stay intentionally focused with present moment awareness.  This is very different than traditional talk therapy where client's stories are often the focus of their sessions.

A Man Looking at his Tablet Device

How We Do it 

Online video-based secure connections provide convenient access to leading edge psychotherapy. 

Licensed  -   Secure  -   Convenient  -  Innovative 

One of the connerstones of NeuroConnect is neuroplasticity.  Curious about what neroplasticity is all about?  Watch this video!

Our Mission is Simple.

Our mission is to make the greatest positive impact on our clients lives through quality psychotherapy using our secure online platform. We provide neuroscience-based psychotherapy which increases present moment awareness, consequently expanding one's capacity to strengthen one's mental health, therefore adding meaning and joy to lives.

Don't Let Anxiety or Depression Take Away Your Peace of Mind. Now Taking Appointments For Video and Online Therapy!
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