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The Story of NeuroConnect Psychotherapy

NeuroConnect Psychotherapy began as I was continually exploring treatment methods to best serve my clients.  I have seen how older approaches are updated and new approaches emerge.  At NeuroConnect the right combination of factors began by learning how neuroscience-based approaches positively impacted my client's lives. There are numerous psychological approaches and practitioners that now base their work on neuroscience understanding (to see examples view our Neuroscience Leaders page).  When I saw how successfully this type of therapy can be done with video conferencing my excitement grew. Helping more people experience a better connection with themselves and gain the power of present moment awareness to increase positive neuroplasticity is what motivates me at NeuroConnect. 

NeuroConnect Founder and Clinician

Mary Rawson Faceshot.JPG

Mary Rawson Foreman, PhD

Mary Rawson Foreman has a passionate interest in neuroplasticity and brain growth.  She has been a licensed psychologist in Washington since 2011.  During the past decade she has been in private practice specializing in working with adult clients with AD/HD .  Mary Rawson has a doctorate from Pacifica Graduate Institute and also has a Masters degree in Art Therapy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


She has trained in the CIMBS (Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems) approach, developed by Beatriz Sheldon, MEd.Psych, and Albert Sheldon, M.D.   This neuroscience-based and attachment focused orientation appealed to her roots as a psychologist trained in depth psychology.  She has also completed a Certificate Program in TeleMental Health & Digital Ethics.

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