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Creativity, Pride, and Hope Can OverCome Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

What do you see that matters in Lil Nas X

"Sun Goes Down" ?

I’m still thinking about it, still asking, Did you see Lil Nas X singing “Sun Goes Down” on Saturday Night Live (May 2021) ? What courage! How touching and important! He sang about his shame and self-loathing, his hidden thoughts of suicide, his own struggles with internalized racism and homophobia. He sang about how we suffer in pain and separate ourselves into different parts. And he sang about loving ourselves and feeling joy. Watching Lil Nas X was one of the innumerable ongoing acts of love that fill my heart and give me hope.

What connections give you hope? How can we heal? What does our heart need? A therapeutic relationship can create safety and connection to heal our pain. We have psychotherapists with openings, Call Now to book 1-800-402-8770 or click the button below to schedule online.

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